Another Way of Being

This blog is publishing Another Way of Being, an ongoing autobiographical novel by Sion Liscannor.  The novel is written in seven books, of which the first two books have been published at Amazon (ASIN: B008EDP5LE – Another Way of Being – by Sion Liscannor).

The first five chapters of the novel can be read on this blog. The first five chapters can also be read on Amazon with the following link:

The next book in the series – Sion Alone – will also shortly appear on Amazon. The blog continues to publish my other work in progress – poems, short stories, and essays.

I welcome comments and questions about the issues explored in Another Way of Being.



Some readers have pointed out that the names of the individual books appear to correspond with the Latin and Greek names of the seven stages of Mithraic initiation. This is correct. The stages of initiation are:

1) Corax (Crow)

2) Nymphus (Male Bride)

3) Miles (Soldier) – aka Sion Alone

4) Leo (Lion)

5) Perses (The Persian)

6) Heliodromus (Courier of the Sun)

7) Pater (Father)


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